Wednesday, 4 January 2012

a few articles

I have been very busy over christmas stuffing my face and drinking. Nice to be back in Edinburgh though. I had a lot of time to read over christmas which was ace and in between chapters of Ender's Game I read a few really excellent articles for anyone even slightly interested in architecture.

The first is from 2005 but I did not read the New Yorker back then so it slipped by. Thankfully I now use who often re-hash older articles. This is a fantastic insight into the life of a starchitect and is written so well that you really feel you are a fly on the wall at times. Love him or hate him Rem Koolhaas certainly knows how to get what he wants. The second piece is in the same vein but follows one of my favourite starchitects Peter Zumthor. It is from march of this year (NYT) and I would consider it a must read. Sticking with the starchitect theme the guardian published this piece on friday. It's been getting a bit of attention judging from twitter.

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