Monday, 2 April 2012

Esquisse Brief

Studio D Modular Pathway: Disruptive Technology 2
MODULE Code: ARCH1107               Credit Points: 40 [non-core]
Studio Leaders: Remo Pedreschi, Chris Speed, Fiona McLachlan
Dates : Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 April
Let us consider a future where planning permission for the new Portobello School is refused. The
process has been disrupted, life and architectural practice has not run to plan.
The school must quickly consider strategies through which the existing tower can be re-used as a
school which is fit for purpose, technologically and environmentally.
Through your recent involvement they have approached you as a team to investigate, appraise
and develop clear strategies for technological and environmental decision,  that  could  challenge
the assumption that the new build is the only way forward for the school.
Each of you has experienced Portobello school in its existing environment. In the context of this
course we invite you to consider technology and environmental concerns with an holistic attitude
to including the way in which staff and students use the spaces inside, outside and between the
buildings at Portobello.
Consider only the tower in this exercise:
Issues of structure
Issues of skin
Issues of comfort
Issues of circulation
Introduction: “Retrofit” – Fiona McLachlan Monday 2 April 9.15am (Venue to be confirmed)
Work in the whole team to develop a strategy and proposition  for  re-use. You must complete  the
work by 3pm on Tuesday 3 April and be ready to present the work between 3-5pm.
Output following esquisse
- report on the proposals using  drawings,  diagrams, sketches and text to convey clear
strategic developments  that would address technological and environmental issues.
(This should be no more than 1500 words.)
- reflect on this short exercise and suggest how your overall project may be informed,
deflected or disrupted by what you have learned (500 words maximium)
Submission – A4 report to be submitted one hard copy and one PDF
Submission to Leigh-anne Pieterse by 4pm on Tuesday 10 April

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