Saturday, 15 September 2012

Archimark Swapshop

My laptop was terminally ill last week and ended up shutting itself down. My main concern was getting my bookmarks. I have been accumulating them for a few years now and had never thought to back them up. I have, thankfully, retrieved them and it got me thinking. I should share them. They are a bit messy but there are some extremely interesting links in there. Some great blogs on drawing and model making as well as a few of the bigger better known architecture sites. So here they are. My architecture bookmarks. If this is something that interests you and you feel like swapping please let me know on twitter or by emailing me. If it goes well I would consider setting up a dedicated site for a kind of architectural bookmark swap shop. Or archimark swapshop if you will. Imagine all those cool bookmarks your favourite architects might have. Or even some of your tutors or or fellow students/ workers. The link below is to an exported html file containing all of the links. For your convenience they are also included in this post. Enjoy.

Emmett's Architecture Bookmarks

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